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I don't know if this is allowed... [20 Aug 2005|07:56pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but does anyone here do Header requests? I'm going off the college and want a medium-large header (blend) with images from Jessica's "With You" video... mostly of her washing dishes and trying to clean... and then have the text say something like "I didn't realize life would be this hard..."

Or if you think of something more creative along those lines, that would work, too.

THANKS, and I'm sorry if this isn't allowed.

<3 Ash

I Love Jess!

[15 Mar 2005|10:03am]


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I Love Jess!

Icons - Credit Please [18 Feb 2005|02:20pm]

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Credit Please [22 Jan 2005|12:30pm]

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[06 Jan 2005|01:14pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Who Doesn't Love A Jessica Icon/Picture Post?Collapse )

I Love Jess!

[31 Dec 2004|04:39pm]

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I Love Jess!

Issues with Photobucket! [08 Oct 2004|04:35am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I just wanted to let everyone know, I am redoing this community. Photobucket is being mean...Grrr! Not sure when it'll be finished. I'll keep you up to date.:)

I Love Jess!

Nick and Jessica Icon Request [26 Sep 2004|12:02pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hi, I was wondering if someone could take the time to make me a Jessica and Nick Icon with the words "when  I think of you...I smile" on it?  I don't know if that sounds too vague or not, but I don't have a program to make icons with : (  Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashlee, Jessica Icons... [15 Sep 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | working ]

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for joining here. If you or anyone you know are good at making icons, feel free to make some and post, It's of course okay if you can't!

Sorry for the lack of posting icons, I've been a tad bit busy, But I made these Icons last night.

Credit Sweetest_Beauty, That be me!

1. 2. 3.

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Jessica & Nick, Jessica, Ashlee Icons... [10 Sep 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | horny ]

You know the drill. If taking comment and credit in keywords. This were all made by me...

Jessica and Nick

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